Ear Tags by Design LTD came out the creation of tags for our growing cattle business. After several inquiries about the “unique design” on our ear tags we began creating designs for others we knew. The creative designs and unique process of ‘engraving’ the layered ear tags began to catch on. We understand our designs are not for everyone, just those want to stand out and be unique.

Ear Tags by Design LTD was the first to start with the “custom design tag work” and has taken on a life of it’s own. After a few years and several hundred tags later, the growth of this little business has led to me staying home full time to help with the cattle and being creative at the computer! I love what I do and I love working with not only the cattle industry, but now our ear tags have branched out to other species. Look for our custom designed key chains at wedding receptions and announcing a birth of a child and other special occasions.

Thank you for taking time to view this web site and feel free to contact me to see how Ear Tags by Design LTD can serve you!

Linda Cook
Ear Tags by Design LTD